Flirting with the Camera

Flirting With The Camera - Ros Clarke

I won this in a giveaway by the author.

I was enjoying this book very much, until we hit a moment that I felt too cliche. I always roll my eyes a bit when a situation like that happens, it feels a bit like an easy plot point that makes for more drama and the characters go, I must change and change now... ok, it's done, I've changed. 

Beside that, Hattie was a nice read, she is the person that I wish I was being a fat person. Hattie isn't fat though, you're only fat if you think of yourself that way, and she doesn't. I do, hence I wish I could think like her. She's not all together though, she's been hurt, her mother isn't very good at being one, and that's what makes her very human. Instead of superhuman. We don't like those people.