Stuff booklikes might need?

I was sitting here thinking that booklikes has been very kind to us in the last week, responding quickly to things we want to know, to queries about things we might want added to the site.


And all that in the masses of new members joining.


Now I'm just curious... what would you like added? What options would heighten the booklikes experience for you?


Me, I would very much like the option of adding my own exclusive shelves, I think many of us would want that.


I would like to be able to default my shelves into showing in the order I want. Author for me. (Makes sure the series' are next to each other.)


The search option I know they're working on. They're building their own database. (I'm not too fond of only having one or two options of the books showing up. If I read the kindle edition I'd very much like to add that. Also with a series I'd like to add them in the same format. Not one hardback and two paperbacks.)