Downpour (Weathering #1) by Bella Leone

Downpour - Bella Leone

I had the big honor of pre reading this. 

It's still fresh in my mind, the incredible feelings you go through reading it. How attached you get to her characters. Given I've been reading stories from Bella for a long time so I was far from surprised.

It's a story well worth your time.




ETA: Sadly this book is published via Loose Id, and they are known to not take very good pride in their editors and formatting for ebooks. There are a lot of errors I noticed after reading it again when I purchased it from their site. Errors that were not there before it was released into their hands by the author. (I pre read this so yea I do know that.) I have informed Loose Id of the errors and I got in response that, well reading between the lines, fuck you, we're throwing the author under the bus.

As a personal decision I do no longer purchase books from Loose Id.

And I feel very sad for authors that get low ratings on their books when I assume that many errors have nothing to do with them.