External Forces (The Laws of Motion #1) by Deborah Rix

External Forces (The Laws of Motion #1) - Deborah Rix

There's been a few weeks since I read a book that really gripped me. A book that had me forgoing sleep because WHAT HAPPENS NEXT CHAPTER?

I really needed to read this one, I feel like I've got my reading mojo back. (Hopefully it will last.)


This was funny and cute, and sweet... and gruesome and brutal.

What had me drawn to it was the excellent writing surrounding Jess, she is a normal girl. A normal girl a 100 years from now, but still. Sometimes you can sit down and read and you tsk and shake your head and think to yourself, that's not how teenage girls are. Trust  me I was one. But Jess is such a normal girl in such an extreme world. 

She leaves home and has friends, and a crush, and there's violence and death. Rix deals with it all in a very honest way.


A lot of side characters, and not one of them were lacking, not one of them were thrown in just because that thing needed to happen. 


It's a very scary future to think of, it is very believable and entirely plausible.