Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth

Insurgent  - Veronica Roth

I had some issues with this one. It was very contradictory and so many characters that was not even close to how they were portrayed in the first book.



Like how is Peter even still alive? How is it that Eric didn't just shot him in the head? He ran, he made a deal with Tris and ran. Divergent Eric would have shot him for being a traitor.


How is it that even though Eric didn't, why did Evelyn let him live? 

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Roth is still a very talented writer, but as in the first one I was not captured by the feelings of the characters at all. People died, and I assume we the readers were supposed to feel sad. Something is just lacking for me in that department.


Also the FUBAR error. This is the ebook edition and I'm wondering now, is the error still in the newer prints?



At 39% Tobias tells Tris that no he missed that information because, "He was hauling wounded with Zeke." Now Zeke had previously been said to have been with the Erudite and there was no mention of him coming back.

At 43% Zeke is coming down the road supporting a wounded Tori, they just escaped Erudite. 

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I personally am choosing to believe that it was a typo the first time, another name was supposed to be there. And I hope in this multi million dollar book series, soon to be a movie, that I was not the only one that noticed, and that it has been fixed.


And oh yea, Dauntless's <--- Really?