Drynn (Last of the Shardyn #1) by Steve Vera

Drynn - Steve Vera

I stumbled upon book 2 in this series on NetGalley, but the story sounded so good in the blurb I felt I had to read the first one too.

There is absolutely no regrets making that decision.


There are a lot characters to follow in this, but the writing is seamless so the cluttered feeling you can get with many point of views isn't there. It's easy to recognize in whose mind you're in. There is no confusion in either that or plot.

The plot is thought out and the reader is well informed.

The characters, as many as there are, are well developed and all have their parts.


I like that the mythology is woven into parts of our actual history, to the point you can't actually say 'No that's not true.' It might actually be.


There is magic and supernatural creatures, there are Knights of a different world, there's love and lots of action. There are real people caught in an extreme situation. It's a little bit of everything.


I can maybe even forgive the Amanda Kasey/Amanda Casey and Lucien/Lucian.