Alpha Trio: Vol 1 - Cats & Dogs by Ana Vela

Alpha Trio: Vol. 1 - Cats & Dogs - Ana Vela

*Slightly spoilery review*


Got this in a giveaway here on BookLikes.

I was very intrigued by the blurb, but it's misleading. What you expect when reading that is most definitely not what you get.


I was expecting action and intriguing lore, what I got was a conversation about the leaders can too be female, and no it's not like Underworld. And then sex. What little information we did get I could almost recognize, just small bits borrowed from here and there, books and movies alike.


It's a short story, that ended abruptly, and from what I gather will lead straight into the next book. What I read here was a prologue and a first chapter. So what I'm wondering is why not just take the tree volumes and make a proper book? Put more information in there, more emotion, just something that has the reader getting attached to these characters.


From what I understood this was Em finding his mate, his one true love. That can explain insta-love, and sex within two hours of meeting each other. We've seen it before. What we didn't get to see was any of those emotions on the page, we got, 'oh my she makes me horny. Awesome I can smell her arousal too.'


It just needed more, more emotion, more information... more getting to know each other.


**It's at the moment free on amazon.**