My Side by Tara Brown

My Side - Tara Brown
For the love of all that is holy, it's finally over. 

Bad writing with sloppy mistakes in grammar and spelling that could have been fixed with a proper editing job, mixed with the worst female written since BellAna, has me feeling very dissatisfied just deleting it from my kindle. I would like the gratification of a solid thump as I drop it in the garbage.


Comments as I read:


8% Ah for fucks sake you mention that "book"... should I take that as an omen.

47% The silly, lazy typos and grammar is kinda pissing me off... editing people.

53% I think Erin might actually have a mental illness. Like what the hell?

56% So apparently he's a looser... are you extra losery if you add more O's?

59% "Your own a full bathroom?" Is not a correct sentence.

62% That was such a badly written scene, I have no idea how that just played out.

73% He flew to Boston to tell her that and now they're both flying back? EVER HEARD OF PHONE CALLS? This book man... airplanes are not fucking city buses... Logically she wouldn't have made it more than to the airport, not all the way to Boston. There's a time hole of some sort between Tennessee and Massachusetts.

80% Took a heart attack. TOOK a heart attack... like it was on the shelf and he just grabbed it. Like Oh My God!