Kingdom Come by Michelle Smith

Kingdom Come (Kingdom Come, #1) - Michelle   Smith

I was very fortunate to be asked by the author to not only read the first draft but also make the book cover.


Trust me when I say I have no bias towards this book, as Michelle knows I can be brutally honest in my opinions, so when I give this book a 5 and say that I truly do love it, I ain't lying.


I received a kindle copy the day it was first released, I spent that night forgoing sleep so I could see what changes had been made and what turns went the other way from when I last read it. 


It's an exciting read, and I love that Kerrigan is quite a normal teenager (if you can define normal that is) despite the fact that she's been told differently all her life. I mean she could be bat shit crazy just to show em'.



Psst, I also own a signed by the author paperback. Cuz she's awesome like that.