Taking a Shot (Play by Play #3) by Jaci Burton

Taking a Shot  - Jaci Burton

I really wanted to like this more. I really liked Jenna and Ty, but the writing really didn't do them justice.

I never thought I'd be sick of a word, but it came to the point I growled every time quiver/quivering/quivered was used. It's totally allowed to Google synonymous even for authors.


Actual comments as I read:


Did the author actually call it that? "while rubbing the center of her universe" Really if your clit is the center of your universe I pity you.


Ok so that's four uses of the phrase "pussy quivered" in one scene.


What is with the quivering in this book? Now his dick is doing too.


(Also I should note that I did almost write 'Taking a Shit' in the title... freudian slip?)