Infected: Prey by Andrea Speed

Prey  - Andrea Speed

When I opened this on my kindle my first thought was, DAMN this is a long book. When I got to about 45% read I had a major confuse. The book was finished, the case was wrapped up and a few pages later an epilogue. Turns out, Infected: Prey is two books in one. First book is Infected, second book is Prey.


Infected: 4 stars

Prey : 3.5 stars


The relationship between Roan and Paris is a joy to read, they're sarcastic assholes to each other and to others. But they love each other so deeply. It's fun to read a normal already developed relationship, when we catch up with them they've already been together for almost 4 years.


It's a cool world Speed has created. Werecat virus, for some people it's like being infected with HIV... if you bleed people will flinch. There are hate groups ala KKK. Others create churches/cults in worship to it. They'll go out of their way to be surrounded with kitties, in hope of maybe even get infected.