Against the Ropes by Sarah Castille

Against the Ropes  - Sarah Castille

Another book about a girl with a traumatic past you never ever talk about, meets boy with also a traumatic past that you never speak of... another book about a girl meets boy that can't help but just to be controlling and angry. But even though he's an underground fighter, he would never hurt me... you know only just emotionally.


And I truly doubt that's how credit collectors work, unless you know, sold your soul to the maffia...

(which oh my that's part of boys tragic past.)

(show spoiler)


I don't care if it's only light bondage, you never ever enter a scene angry.

I don't care if it's light bondage, if your partner is freaking out to the point she blacks out, you do not take her word for it when she says I'm fine, and continues.


If your partner just went through a traumatic experience and you do what you had her do, and your reaction was what it was, she has every right to be terrified of you... and you do not turn it into an 'oh my god will you ever trust me?' scenario... 


Also some of the text scenes... like umm too lazy to actually write the dialogue? Annoying.