Theta Alpha Gamma Series 1 - 3 by Anne Tenino


I only left a few comments on these and decided that I'll review them all in the same post.


Frat Boy and Toppy: 4 Stars

I like Anne's style of writing, not once did I cringe over usage of words, and I do that a lot.


Love, Hypothetically: 3 Stars

The plot was ehh for this one. The book was a bit too short for me to really get a good feeling about it... I would have liked a little more character development a little more talking.

One thing you cannot argue, Anne writes good smut... there are no cliches, or two hundred different cringe worthy words for the male anatomy.


Sweet Young Thang: 4 Stars

There was a really obvious ending to this one. Saw that happening as soon as Collin left the restaurant.



Overall: 4 Stars


I requested an arc from Riptide for book 4 in the series... but was as always declined.