Slide (Roads #1) by Leigh Garrett

Slide - Garrett Leigh

Ok... I am very torn. I was looking forward to this so much. I am a little disappointed. My rating might not show it, but it's still there.


I really like the way Garrett laid out the plot. Beginning with, almost the end and catching up.


Pete was great to read, it was easy to understand his emotions. Ash I had more difficulty with, growing up in the foster system and living fending for himself from a very early age can make you miss a lot of things. But there was some points he was so naive and clueless it was a bit unbelievable. It was just taken a bit too far.


From what he's gone through, a depression or PTSD is not far fetched at all, you do see small moments on what could be something, but to me it wasn't enough. The part where he all of a sudden is taking unsubscribed meds and disappears and is gone for so long and doesn't take care of himself. It wasn't set up properly for me. Even though you were in Pete's world at that time, a lot were missing.  

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The writing started out iffy in the beginning, following Ash there was a lot of, I opened the door, I went into the room, I closed the door, I opened the fridge, I opened a beer, I drank the beer... I'm sure there's an actual word for that I don't know. I don't know if that was deliberate seeing the world through Ash's eyes, but to me that disrupts the flow of a book. I want flow when I read.


There was sadly a great deal of editing fails. And such things I cannot just forgive.


Information you were given via Ash was given again via Pete, it's really enough with just the once. Decide who you want to give the information and delete that other scene.


They also had sex when Pete's ribs were bruised, and I would very much like to have a conversation with Garrett about that... it just does not happen. Clearly she's never encountered a person with such an injury.

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Thoughts as I read:


1% "Giving head was never my thing before I met him." Oh my, rookie romance writing mistake."


1% First typo... there's not supposed to be a 'from' in that sentence.


23% Beginning of chapter 8 is very rushed. Kiss, avoid, epiphany, flu, waking up after flu days later, but there is no substance. It's a lot of days narrated but nothing to read.


29% Hmm it was dark when he was finally allowed to head home and now his scar is catching the sunlight...


50% Edit fail, "he'd never lie with his back to me like that with me."


55% yea I already know that, why you telling me again?


82% "coffee and toast down him." No.



Thank you to Sandra from My Fiction Nook for giving me the opportunity to read this.