Publishers against Amazon

I got a short and concise response from Dreamspinner Press:


 We only supply one retail price to in USD. Our retail list price on other Amazon sites are converted the equivalent amount in that currency. Since you are using the same site and currency as your American friend you will need to contact Amazon to find out why you are seeing a price difference.


This is what we were expecting no?

It is not only Dreamspinner Press, one of the books I asked for prices on yesterday was from Riptide publishing.


In the email from Amazon it says:

Please be informed that the Kindle content in the Kindle Store is provided to us directly by the publishers or authors who own that content. Pricing of these titles varies by your country of residence and they include digital list prices, local market segment prices, and tax rates in it. 


I think this is awful, and I can't understand why it's only a few publishers this is happening with. And I have never seen it in self-pub, so I assume the "taxes" for amazon isn't that high to justify a double pricing. Has anyone else seen it in self-publishing?


I don't have a blog, but I don't know could be a thing for a few book bloggers to point out to others?