Buried Bones (Bones #2) by Kim Fielding

Buried Bones - Kim Fielding

It's hard to follow up a great book, it's hard to make it as interesting and keep the characters on the same level. But not for Fielding.


Dylan and Chris has grown in their relationship, it's not without difficulties. It's hard for them both to define what they are and what they want, but it's an easy decision to make when it comes down to it. Which for me as a reader is very happy about.

Dylan is a werewolf, hello something should be natural in this book and their love is that for me.


There's new challenges in this one, there's a freaking ghost in the house, like a full fledged they can see it ghost. Like communicating y'all.


This as the previous book is now on my, I want to own this in print list.