Dirty Little Secrets (J.J. Graves Mysteries #1) by Liliana Hart

Dirty Little Secrets (J.J. Graves Mystery #1) - Liliana Hart

Liliana Hart is shaping up to be a favorite author.


I finished this book, lied down, and had an awesome review thought up... then I fell asleep... so this is what you get.


The two main characters, the mortician/coroner is named Graves. The Sheriff is named Lawson... I see what you did there Hart.


J.J. (Jaye) Graves is a real woman, noticing that Hart is really good at that, she is funny and witty and sarcastic. She is sad and broke and doesn't have it all together. I like that she's real. Jack Lawson jumps off the page and straight into your heart. He had me with the first cup of coffee. They are best friends, they are easy, they are fun, they also love each other immensely. That is clear from the first page, they are both just too stupid to see it. Given that trope, it doesn't take from their relationship or the book at all. It is seamless. I ship a 110.


The case they are working isn't crystal clear. You might think you know what's going on, but I assure you, you do not. I am usually the one that points and goes, "Yup, that there person is the killer", on the first page, I did that quite a few times in this and still didn't see the end coming.


(This one is free on amazon right now, so go grab it if you want it.)