Dirty Rotten Scoundrel (J.J. Graves Mysteries #3) by Liliana Hart

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel - Liliana Hart

I've been sitting on this review for over a week now, I have even skimmed the book again to get a better feel for it.


Liliana Hart has proven to be a favorite author of mine, but I cannot help but feel that this book missed the mark completely. 

It was all over the place, the case in this one didn't feel thought through and there were so many details and information that didn't fit with the first book in the series.


In the first book there was a mention of why Jack left the police force and SWAT. Then there were 'Seven man SWAT team, all dead (6) except Jack.' In this book, '12 man SWAT team, one dead, Jack wounded.'


I also cannot in this one make the years add up, Jack is early/mid thirties and has two masters. Joined the marines after where he got to be special forces, he then spent ten years as SWAT. And has now been Sheriff for six years.


That isn't the only thing, Hart's usual easy and flowing writing wasn't there in this one.


The one redeeming quality was the continued easiness and growth between Jaye and Jack.