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Dirty Little Secrets (J.J. Graves Mysteries #1) by Liliana Hart

Dirty Little Secrets (J.J. Graves Mystery #1) - Liliana Hart

Liliana Hart is shaping up to be a favorite author.


I finished this book, lied down, and had an awesome review thought up... then I fell asleep... so this is what you get.


The two main characters, the mortician/coroner is named Graves. The Sheriff is named Lawson... I see what you did there Hart.


J.J. (Jaye) Graves is a real woman, noticing that Hart is really good at that, she is funny and witty and sarcastic. She is sad and broke and doesn't have it all together. I like that she's real. Jack Lawson jumps off the page and straight into your heart. He had me with the first cup of coffee. They are best friends, they are easy, they are fun, they also love each other immensely. That is clear from the first page, they are both just too stupid to see it. Given that trope, it doesn't take from their relationship or the book at all. It is seamless. I ship a 110.


The case they are working isn't crystal clear. You might think you know what's going on, but I assure you, you do not. I am usually the one that points and goes, "Yup, that there person is the killer", on the first page, I did that quite a few times in this and still didn't see the end coming.


(This one is free on amazon right now, so go grab it if you want it.)

Crash by Zoe Perdita

Crash (Westside Wolf Pack) - Zoe Perdita

Lousy grammar and sloppy editing. It could have done with a major overhaul.

I wasn't too keen on the every other chapter, now and then, set up. I was afraid there'd be too much focus on the past and we wouldn't get a full picture in the present. That fortunately wasn't the case. 
I did feel that we could have used a few more scenes between the boys though. I felt that there were missing moments where explanations could have been made from Axel. Sadly the lacking explanations made Ben look somewhat dense and naive.

It would also have been very nice to read some scenes in between the last chapter and the epilogue, it felt rushed and not cleared up enough.

Ball & Chain (Cut & Run #8) by Abigail Roux

Ball & Chain  - Abigail Roux

I just spent the last 6 and a half hours reading this book in one sitting. As is the norm when I read this series.


I love Ty and Zane and have for many years now, that doesn't mean I have to love the books. This felt lacking in some ways.

The mystery and crimes wasn't tied together and explained as seamlessly as this series usually is. 

We also get to follow Nick and Kelly (Ty's Sidewinder buddies) in this, and as much as I love them too, it feels like the Cut and Run series is for Ty and Zane.

I didn't at all mind them being there and I can see from plot and writing point of views why, but giving them their own parts of the book wasn't expected and not what I really wanted.

It also felt like I didn't get the emotional connection to the boys as I usually do, even though not all books are stellar in the writing and plot, I have always felt a love and giddiness towards the boys as I finish the book. But not this time. 


As for now I'll look forward to the second book in the Sidewinder series and hope that the next book in Cut and Run will get me back my feelings for Ty and Zane.

Starfish and Coffee by Kele Moon

Heartwood - Emily Carrington

Damn near perfect... just that tiny pet peeve I have of NOT COMMUNICATING.

So much heartache could have been prevented, shame shame shame.

It wouldn't have hurt if there was just a few more pages in the present day. I could have done with a little bliss and love at the end.


(Makes me sad when good books have bad covers. Loose Id needs to invest some money there.)

February 14th International Book Giving Day


Red Hill - Jamie McGuire

They've taken vampires... they've taken werewolves... I don't even know what else.

They couldn't leave the zombies alone?


I don't even know what New Adult means, but to me it means, mostly (not all), badly written books with little substance... and as I have read McGuire's books previously, I know this is a fact when it comes to her.


I am so angry and sad... they couldn't leave the zombies alone.

Rush (The Breathless Trilogy) by Maya Banks

Rush - Maya Banks

It's no masterpiece. Writing isn't stellar and the characters could have more depth to them. It is an emotional book, but Mia's feelings doesn't at all times ring true.

I don't know if this can be classified as a D/s relationship, I am no expert, but the contract (the wording within) says to me Banks wants it portrayed as such? (All I really read was a guy that has a kink for dominance, don't make a Dom though. I could be wrong.)
If so, to me some of the scenes should never have happened. If Gabe is as immersed in the lifestyle as Banks want's us to think, he should really know better.



Just an observation/question... what does the cover have to do with the book?

What kinda sucks...

Is when a friend adds a book from bookdepository and another the same book but from amazon... and then a third in ebook, they do not end up on the same book page here.



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Giving an Inch (The Professor's Rule #1) - Heidi Belleau, Amelia C. Gormley






Thoroughly questioning the intelligence of this person. Third message today asking for a reason I rated her not yet released "book" 1 star. Seeing as you wrote it I am sure you're capable of reading... How did I shelf it?

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman

Pretty is the word I think of when reflecting on this book.
Pretty cover, pretty words, pretty scenery.


I am ashamed to say this is the first book by Gaiman I have read, it sure will not be the last. The way he strings a story together is mesmerizing.


Despite the scariness of this book it is so innocent, reading it through this 7 year old's eyes, and I really liked that Gaiman could keep that throughout the book.


I feel very lucky to have won this in a tumblr giveaway. I will be reading it again.


I have to admit I did a little squee and jump when I stumbled upon geim by Anders De La Motte at the secondhand store... 3 books for 10kr (ca 1 dollar). 


So this months bookhaul was 6 books... 5 are allllll mine. The sixth was a gift.


Being as poor as I am, I totally think 2 bucks for 6 books is an ok thing.


ARC review: In Discretion by Reesa Herberth

In Discretion - Reesa Herberth

I can't help but to feel that this book could have used some more work.

Some scenes were so confusing. I had a hard time following most of it. The plot was good and not overly complicated. But the lack of clear descriptive writing sadly took from that. Some scenes, especially the scenes with lots of characters, were jumbled and disjointed.


There was also a lack of connection to Kazra and Thanson, there wasn't enough emotion for me as a reader to get attached. Even though it's a short story, a few more scenes could have made a big difference.

Yo BookLikes

When are we gonna get to see how people shelved and rated their books on our dash?


Whiskey Rebellion (Addison Holmes Mysteries #1) by Liliana Hart

Whiskey Rebellion - Liliana Hart

I sent out a request on twitter for a funny light read to help me get over all the heavy I've read lately.
I am forever indebted to Nicole for suggesting this one. She let me know she got it for free on amazon so I checked and it was still free. (It still is by the by.)

Addison is the best kind of fun, the situations she ends up in can happen to anyone, it just so happens to be it always happens to just her. She's snarky and bright, and I liked her from the start. I just really wish she was real so I could be her bestie.

The side characters are so well developed too and has their thing that makes them stand out. I have a feeling I will forever ship Addison and Nick.

There is not a dull page within this book, and I am off to acquire book 2 and 3, and my gut is telling me they will offer the same.

College Boys [Men of Holsum College]

College Boys  - Daisy Harris

Straight boy moves into the dorms, ends up next door to openly gay boy. Openly gay boy starts invoking feelings in straight boy. 

Sadly we as readers doesn't get to see these feelings at all. It's fast paced and goes from nothing to bang in pages, but the emotional parts of the characters, especially Chris, are missing.


It's well written, except the repeated use of one of my major pet peeves, Chris's <--- NO.


The sex scenes are sweet and believable. But I feel they might have reached that part too fast.


It was lacking in plot and emotion, it could really have used a few more scenes with the boys building their relationship.